Wonderful effects of coconut water

Western countries do not grow coconuts, but people in this country consider coconut water as "water of life".

Why so? For people or drink even a glass of coconut water are great because it works to reduce headache in the morning because the night before had been drinking spirits.

Ten years ago, the Food Agency - the UN and Agriculture (FAO) has been licensed to produce bottled coconut water that retains its nutrients. According to an official of the agency, bottled coconut water retains 5 electrolytes (electrolyte, are substances that help transmit power in the blood because the ion) as in the blood of people.

Coconut water is called "water of life" is not wrong results. In fresh coconut water has very few calories, very little fat and less sugar than many other fruit juices. Even, in some cases necessary, coconut water has been used as an intravenous infusion water to emergency patients when no available communication circuit solution.


Dr. Lilian Cheung, a nutrition expert at Harvard University, said the main electrolytes in coconut water helped reduce the symptoms of drunkenness, as it helps to detoxify, providing water for the body and reduces quite a headache.

In the tropics many coconut, coconut water is a very popular beverage since centuries. Currently, those who practice sport is also increasingly paying more attention to the nutritional value of coconut water. In 2009, sales of bottled coconut water in the US has risen to 50 million.

Two drinks maker Coca Cola famous and Pepsi Cola was bought two famous brands as Zico Coconut Water and ONE Proponents of coconut water has praised many of its valuable properties, from strengthening the body's immune system until the analgesic for women when they are menstruating.

But according to Dr. Cheung, not currently have any scientific studies to prove these properties are true, including the coconut drink that much can help reduce the risk of cancer.

However, today's technology world remain very attentive to the coconut milk. For example, Coca Cola has added to market products Code blue is said coconut water contains natural electrolytes.